Hitshield Senior

Elevate Rugby Training with the Hitshield from One More Fitness Systems

Enhance your rugby training with the innovative Hitshield, a cutting-edge training tool from One More Fitness Systems designed for rugby players committed to mastering their tackling skills with the utmost safety and efficiency. This exceptional product is tailored for both junior and senior players, providing a versatile and indispensable resource for any training regimen.


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Master Your Tackling Skills Safely

The Hitshield is the ultimate training companion for rugby players of all ages and skill levels. Its optimal size supports a wide array of tackling drills and scenarios, making it a versatile tool in your training arsenal.

  • Superior Impact Absorption: Thanks to its high-quality foam construction, the Hitshield offers exceptional impact absorption, enabling players to practice their tackles with full force without the risk of injury. This maximizes safety and boosts confidence on the field.
  • Durability and Longevity: Engineered for durability, the Hitshield can withstand the demands of regular, intensive training sessions. Whether your practice takes place indoors or outdoors, this shield is built to last, ensuring it remains a central part of your training equipment over time.
  • Safe and Effective Training: Beyond its durability, the Hitshield is designed with safety in mind. It provides a secure environment for players to refine their tackling technique, essential for both individual skill development and team progress.

A Game-Changing Training Tool

Incorporating the Hitshield into your rugby training regimen marks a significant step towards excellence. It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s a strategic tool for enhancing performance, ensuring players and coaches can focus on developing tackling skills in a safe, controlled, and effective manner.

Transform Your Rugby Performance

The Hitshield from One More Fitness Systems is more than just a training aid; it’s a pathway to transforming your tackling skills and rugby performance. Its blend of safety, durability, and versatility makes it a key asset for any rugby player or team serious about advancing their game.

Choose Excellence in Rugby Training

With the Hitshield, you’re choosing a tool that embodies excellence in rugby training. Experience the difference it can make in developing tackling skills safely and effectively. Elevate your game with the support of One More Fitness Systems, a leader in innovative rugby training solutions.

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