One More Fitness Systems designed the fully customisable Commander to meet the high demands of the top professional, university and school’s player in the world.

The Commander is constructed in such a way that when used without proper form, it will dig into the grass forcing the athlete to focus on form right from the start.

The Commander allows for various attachments enabling you to simulate several scenarios such as cleaning a ruck, line-out drives etc. All the steel is precision laser cut to fit in with our high-quality standards.

We have accessories that fits directly onto the Commander enabling you to perform various simulations and rugby drills.

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Exclusive products expertly designed by One More Fitness Systems.

Tetra Tackle Bag®

One More Fitness Systems Tetra Tackle Bag® is a revolutionary designed free-standing device that enables continues tackling. The Tetra Tackle Bag® speeds up tackle drills dramatically. Tetra Tackle Bag® can also be utilize for numerous other drills.

Counter Scrum

The One More Fitness Systems Counter Scrum was developed with professional players in the Pro 14 and Super Rugby tournaments. From the ground up the Counter Scrum will test your scrum techniques to the fullest. The intuitive resistant bands and weights system of the Counter Scrum allows the coach to work with individuals on a one-on-one basis to improve technique and form making you the complete top-level athlete. Built from high quality laser cut steel and precision welded to withstand the toughest of conditions.

Tracking Tackle

Tracking Tackle can be used in various tackling and training drills.

Smart Scrum

Smart Scrum is a scrum machine designed for use in rugby training.

  • It allows the coach to control the resistance that the scrum machine has on the players and can simulate situations where one side is experiencing more resistance.
  • This gives the coach a unique perspective from within the scrum and allows them to observe how their players react to different situations.
  • The live cushions on the machine have variable springs, creating a floating system with consistent pressure from the opposite side.

Available Colours:

The yellow parts of the machine can be customized to match the team’s colors and logos can also be added to the side.

Smart Scrum Rugby Machine
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